Heart of the Park and Waterfall Country Tour on 23rd August 2016

Today we had excellent weather in the Brecon Beacons National Park, and I took a family of four on the Heart of the Park and Waterfall Country tour.


A view of the Beacons near Brecon just before the start of the tour.

DSC_3760Our first stop was Mynydd Illtud  with spectacular views over all four mountain ranges in the National Park, a Roman road, and iron age fort, glacial moraine, and scientifically important wetland.DSC_3763DSC_3766DSC_3769We then journeyed on past the Crai reservoir with wonderful views on the Black Mountain to the Upper Swansea Valley.DSC_3772DSC_3775We then visited the Allt Rhongyr Nature Reserve and Penwyllt for dramatic views of the Upper Swansea Valley.DSC_3776DSC_3777DSC_3778Next we went to Henrhyd waterfall which was gushing with water from all the recent rain. This is the highest waterfall in South Wales and flows over the famous ‘Farewell Rock’ the bottom layer of the South Wales Coalfield. When early geologists first described it fossil tree trunks were found at its base. This fall has also featured in the Batman films

DSC_3781DSC_3783DSC_3785It was the on to Bwa Maen. Bwa Maen Fold – The ‘Stone Bow’ this is a spectacular fold in the Carboniferous limestone.

DSC_3787Sychryd Falls/ Sgydau Sychryd –  This is a cascade of water that flows between Dinas Rock and Bwa Maen.


Sgwd Isaf Clun-gwyn

The ‘lower fall of the white meadow’ is the middle of three falls.

DSC_3790DSC_3792Clun Gwyn Waterfall / Sgwd Clun Gwyn –  The ‘fall of the white meadow’ is the uppermost of the three celebrated falls on the Mellte. It is formed where a north-northwest to south-southeast trending fault brings hard sandstone up against softer mudstone.

DSC_3793DSC_3795DSC_3807Then we walked on to Sgwd yr Eira. Famous for being the falls behind which you can walk, the ‘falls of snow’ plunge over a hard band of sandstone whose overhang protects the walker from the full force of the water.

DSC_3816DSC_3819DSC_3822Then we visited Porth Ogrof – The largest cave opening in Wales.DSC_3824DSC_3826The day finished with a visit to Craig Cerrig-gleisiad and Fan Frynych National Nature Reserve –  Craig Cerrig-gleisiad means ‘cliff of the salmon(-coloured) rocks’ and is a cwm (cirque) formed by a glacier which deposited moraine and created a sheltered environment where rare Arctic and Alpine plants live.

All together it was a mammoth yet excellent day in wonderful weather. I you feel like joining the tour yourself please join me here



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