Four new tours in the Brecon Beacons

We have revamped out Brecon Beacons sightseeing tours for the spring of 2016. We are now offer four new and improved tours

Tours with names

Brecon Beacons Tours

Scenic, historic, natural and cultural tours available daily, and starting either at Abergavenny train station, the public transport gateway to the National Park, or at your accommodation within the National Park.

Use the train and do our tours as a day trip from UK cities e.g.: Cardiff, LONDON, Bristol, Birmingham or Manchester

Approximate journey times to Abergavenny station: Cardiff – 45 mins, Bristol – 1 hr 5 mins, LONDON – 2 hrs 15 mins,
Birmingham 2 hrs 20 mins, Manchester – 2hrs 45 mins

The Brecon Beacons National Park is simply too big to see all the major sites in one day. I therefore offer 4 different tours that focus on 4 different areas of the National Park.



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